Best Stocks To Buy Today For High Returns

The stock market is currently on an upward surge, poised for further gains.. With Sensex and Nifty rising over 2.4% in the September Month, this might be the best Time to invest in some particular stocks to grow you portfolio and earn higher returns on your investment !

    Best Stocks To Buy

    Hello Everyone !! In this article, You'll get to know about the top 5 stocks in the Share Market to invest in the upcoming days. We will delve into the information about their fundamentals, conduct technological analysis, explore price fluctuations, try to identify Entry Point, Entry Date and outline target investment goals.

    In this ever-evolving market landscape, staying informed and strategically selecting investments can be the key to maximizing returns. Join us as we navigate the stock market's current climate and unveil potential opportunities that could help you achieve your financial goals.

    Best Stocks To Buy Today

    So, without wasting any time, let us dive into the insights of these best stocks to buy today  :-

    Know About the Expert :- Rishav Jain

    Ashok Leyland :-

    Price - 182.20

    Ashok Leyland is an integrated Indian automobile company renowned for its expertise in manufacturing heavy and medium commercial vehicles, along with associated components. It also excels in producing light commercial vehicles and innovative power solution systems. Moreover, it ranks as the 2nd largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India, the 4th biggest manufacturer of buses globally.
    It posted its yearly revenue at around 42,500 crores which is more than 16,000 crores from its previous year, Net Revenue also increased by 500 crores to 1780 crores. Total assets is more than the liabilities.

    News about It :- It plans to Invest Rs 1,000 crore to set up its first plant in Uttar Pradesh which suggests that its price would go up.
    Technical Analysis /Entry Date :- According to our Research, this stock would start to rise from 30th September, 2023 and would surge more than 20%.
    Till now, it has provided returns of more than 3800% from its starting.
    The target price would be
    T1 - 215
    T2- 232
    T3- 258
    Stop loss to be kept at 185.

    Best Stocks To Buy Today

    Salasar Techno Engineering:-

    Price- 52.20

    SALASAR is a company that provides services encompassing engineering, procurement, and control in the fields of electrification, power transmission lines, and solar power plant construction.

    Fundamentals- It has revenue growth higher than the industry's average growth and has an increasing market share with its revenue increasing by 300 crores to 100y crores. Moreover, its assets were valued at 914 crore which is higher than its liabilities of 513 crore.

    News :- Salasar Techno Engineering gets Rs 75 crore order in Africa.
    Analysis - It has a very good chart pattern which suggests that it would grow potentially. The targets are as follows:-
    T1- 67
    T2- 76
    T3- 89
    In my opinion, this is a very good investment for Short Term as well as Long Term.

    Total Energies:-

    TotalEnergies is a diversified energy company engaged in the production and distribution of fuels, natural gas, and electricity.Price-128.80
    It has very strong company fundamentals with increasing market share and excellent revenue growth its assets higher than 40% from its liabilities and has shown good signs of probability.-

    Latest News: -TotalEnergies has signed a binding term sheet with an Adani Green subsidiary for a 50:50 joint venture, committing $300 million to the partnership.
    It's chart reflected a inverted hammer after a long downtrend which definitely says that the stock's prices will go higher. It can be analyzed that the targets are:-
    T2- 184

    This is the BEST STOCK TO BUY TODAY for higher returns in low period.

    Best Stocks To Buy Today

    Bandhan Bank:-

    This Bank offers a diverse range of products and services, including savings and current accounts, fixed deposits, credit cards, home loans, personal loans, insurance, mutual funds, and much more.

    Price- 246.60

    Fundamentals :- It has a brilliant market capital and market share and has higher revenue growths than the industry. In addition to this, it also posted a revenue of more than 18.800 crores in the current financial year more than 2000 crores than the previous one.
    News- It has revised it Fixed Deposit rate to 8.50% indicating to capture more market share.
    Analysis :- According to our research, this stock would surely increase in the upcoming days. The target prices are as follows :-
    T2- 288


    In a surging share market with Sensex and Nifty up 2.4% in September, now is an opportune time for strategic stock investments. Our analysis highlights five promising stocks:

    1. Ashok Leyland: Strong fundamentals, imminent plant investment, and potential 20%+ surge.

    2. Salasar Techno Engineering: Robust growth, positive news, and promising chart patterns suggest both short and long-term potential.

    3. Total Energies: Diversified energy company with solid fundamentals, poised for price growth following a recent joint venture announcement. BEST STOCK

    4. Bandhan Bank: Strong market presence, exceptional revenue growth, and competitive fixed deposit rates indicate a promising outlook.

    These are the best stocks to buy today which offer exciting prospects for investors in a dynamic market.

    These are the top stocks for today, Also please do research before buying the stocks yourself too as our article is for your help to inform you.
    Thank You and Take Care !!

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