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The wait is finally over !! Apple has recently released its newest and latest version of iPhone on 22th September 2023. To know about all the details of the new phone, read the full info here :

    Apple iPhone 15 Information

    Apple has now officially unveiled its latest iPhone 15 masterpiece and to no exception, it sets Apple's bars higher. (Release Date: 22 Sep, 2023)In this ever evolving world of technology, apple never fails to excite us with its advanced innovations. The renowned APPLE company has made the new iPhone even more brilliant with its new features and also a new colour option- PINK. So, lets go into the specifics of it which has left everybody into a awe !


    This time, We have 4 versions of the iPhone which are:-

    1) iPhone 15: Price- 799$.... 65,000Rs

    2)iPhone 15 Plus

    3)i Phone 15 Pro

    4)iPhone 15 Pro Max

    The BEST part is that 15 & 15 plus has 5 colours while the other 2 has 4 colours. We'll discuss about all the four Versions one by one. In this article, you would get to know about  the iPhone 15.

    IPHONE 15


    It is built tough with a Ceramic Shield front that's more durable than typical glass. It also features aerospace-grade aluminum for added strength. Additionally, it's designed to withstand water, remaining water-resistant at depths of up to 6 meters for as long as 30 minutes, making it more resilient to accidental spills or dips in water.


    This device has a really fancy screen called the Super Retina XDR display, which is 6.1 inches and covers the whole front. It's like a very high-quality TV screen with vibrant colors and touch that makes it feels real. This screen can also show super bright pictures outside, and it also has True Tone that makes the colors look real. It is so clear that you can see lots of tiny dots on it, and it's like having a mini movie theater in your hand.

    Apple iPhone 15 display price


    In iPhone 15,  there's a really powerful brain called the A16 Bionic chip. Its like the brain of a computer. It has six parts that helps it to work really fast: two of them are like the strong muscles for doing hard tasks, and four are like the smart muscles for saving energy. It also has a special part with five mini-brains for making graphics look cool, and another part with 16 mini-brains for doing smart things like recognizing your face or making your photos better. Therefore, this device can think and do things really quickly because of its super smart and strong brain.


     iPhone 15 has two really cool cameras on it. The main one is super sharp with 48 million tiny dots to capture really clear pictures. It's like having a professional camera in your phone. The other camera can capture really wide scenes, like a big group photo or a beautiful landscape. It even helps keep your pictures steady so they don't look blurry.

    You can zoom in or out to get closer or farther away from your subject without losing quality. There's also a fancy flash that makes your photos look great in any lighting. The device is really smart and can make your photos look better automatically, like fixing colors and making things clear. It's even good at taking pictures in the dark.

    And if you like special effects, it can do things like changing the background or making your portraits look fancy. Basically, it's like having a professional photographer in your pocket!

    Apple iPhone 13 Apple iPhone 15


    This new iPhone is a video recording powerhouse. It can shoot in 4K, which means your videos will be super clear and detailed. You can pick different frame rates like 24, 25, 30, or 60 frames per second for different looks.
    If you want high-definition but don't need 4K, it can do 1080p at 25, 30, or 60 fps. There's a cool Cinematic mode that makes your videos look professional by blurring the background, even in 4K. For fast-action scenes, there's Action mode.
    Your videos will have vibrant colors and contrast with HDR video recording in Dolby Vision, and the sound quality is excellent with stereo recording and Audio zoom. Plus, it keeps your videos steady with sensor-shift optical image stabilization.
    There are fun features like QuickTake for switching quickly between photos and videos, Night mode for low-light shooting, Time-lapse for time-related videos, and slow-motion support at 1080p and 120 or 240 fps. This iPhone is like having a versatile video studio in your pocket!


    The most Important thing we look for is the safety and security feature. This new feature in your device can be a real lifesaver when you're on the road. It's like having a guardian angel with you. If your car breaks down in a remote area, you can use satellite technology to get help. And if you're ever in a serious accident, the device can detect it and send a signal for help automatically. It's like having a built-in emergency alarm.
    And if you find yourself in a really tough situation, like you're lost in the middle of nowhere or in danger, you can press a button to call for help through a satellite. It's like having a direct line to emergency services no matter where you are. This feature adds an extra layer of safety when you're out and about.


    You can make paying for things super easy with your iPhone. Just use something called "Express Transit" to pay for your ride on public transportation quickly. You can also send and receive money through text messages using Apple Cash, which is like sending money to your friends.

    And when you're shopping in a store or using apps or websites, you can just use your iPhone's face recognition feature called Face ID to pay. It's like magic – no need to dig out your wallet or type in a bunch of numbers. Just look at your phone, and it takes care of the payment for you. So, it's all about making payments fast and convenient with your iPhone.
    iPhone Camera Battery USB


    With Wi-Fi calling, you can make calls using your Wi-Fi connection, which is handy if your cellular signal is weak. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) ensures better call quality when using a cellular network.
    Additionally, there's a cool feature called SharePlay, which lets you watch movies, TV shows, listen to music, and use other apps together during a FaceTime call. You can also start audio calls over cellular or Wi-Fi with any FaceTime audio-compatible device. In essence, it makes staying connected and enjoying shared experiences with friends and family even more fun and convenient through your iPhone!


    It has a battery that charges rapidly (up to 50% in 30 minutes with a 20W charger), offering wireless charging via MagSafe or Qi. It includes sensors like a barometer for weather and altitude, dual ambient light sensors for automatic brightness adjustment, a high-g accelerometer for precise motion tracking, and a proximity sensor for call convenience. Plus, it delivers excellent display quality with high dynamic range for vibrant images and videos.


    The iPhone 15 is a remarkable leap in technology, offering a stunning Super Retina XDR display, a powerful A16 Bionic chip, and exceptional camera capabilities. Its safety features, including satellite assistance, provide peace of mind. The convenience of Apple Pay, Wi-Fi calling, and SharePlay enhances daily life. With rapid charging and advanced sensors, it's a truly impressive device.

    If you also want to know about other versions, check it out in our site.

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